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Weekly Meetings


10:00am         The Breaking of Bread.

A calling to mind of the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ including the breaking of bread and the drinking of the cup. Appreciation of the Lord Jesus Christ is expressed to God the Father, in prayer, in the singing of hymns and in reading from the Bible.

Although all are welcome to come and respectfully observe, only those in Assembly fellowship may take part.

A letter of commendation for visitors would be appreciated.

12:00 noon     Sunday School

Children taught from the Bible including songs, craft, competitions and quizzes.

12:00 noon     Bible Class

Conversational study of the Bible.

6:30pm           Gospel meeting

Explaining God’s way of salvation.


7:30pm    ​       Prayer meeting

Thanking God the Father for His goodness, and speaking to Him about our needs.

8:00pm           Bible Reading

Conversational study of the Bible


9:30am            Welcome Space  

Informal opportunity to meet in a warm and friendly environment. Free refreshments provided.


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